Sweetness and Light, chapter seven


This association of artists, craftspeople, makers and doers is hereby formally joined together in pursuit of beauty and truth, in search of sweetness and of light.

We are joined together by our thoughts (which rise in pursuit of truth and light) and our actions (which create tangible beauty and sweetness from the truth and the light).

We acknowledge our indebtedness to those who have gone before, treading the same path and pursuing the same goals, not least our forebears who created this building as a dedicated space for artists to carry out their labours and who safeguarded the use of it for future generations.

We acknowledge the importance of artists in the past who pursued the concepts of sweetness and light, while staking our own claim to make these virtues strongly and unambivalently our own.

We shall join and remain in this association purely by virtue of our work, not simply by virtue of our birth. Those who are not shot through with the spun gold of talent and passion shall not be required to stay.

None of us shall produce work that is frivolous or base; that is to say, does not reveal the truth; does not have purity and beauty at its heart.

As in art, so in life. None of us shall be covert, duplicitous, deceitful or dishonest in our dealings with one another. None of us shall create ugliness of feeling, of dealings or of act within these walls.

The fellowship is all.

We are united in art and in life.

And so shall our children be.

This date. 21st May 1975

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